Root Pruning

Root pruning is one of the most common methods of mitigation prescribed for construction impacts. Often overused, Sunset Tree takes each root pruning specification seriously and insures its necessity before proceeding with this service.

Plant tissue does not heal and instead only calluses. Root pruning is a process in which clean cuts are made to allow for the fastest callusing of necessary wounds and healthy re-growth of lost root systems. During development, root pruning is employed in areas where excavation takes place for such purposes as grade changes, utilities installation or foundation digs. In these situations, roots typically are torn and mangled by digging equipment, severely impacting a tree’s ability to recover. Sunset Tree provides an ISA Certified Arborist to clean, cut and trim roots ahead of excavation, thereby allowing the development to continue and not curtailing plans and techniques planned by the site contractors.

More importantly, before each root pruning operation, our arborists confirm the need and proposed activities for each area before proceeding.

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