Land Clearing

Sunset Tree's land clearing work is varied in its scope and size. Terrain, density of the vegetation, soil stability, moisture, species to be treated, environmental concerns and obstacles to work around are some of the considerations we take on any land clearing job.

Clearing the land, whether it is for commercial or residential construction or for esthetics and grounds maintenance can present challenges. Sunset Tree will approach the job with a variety of machines tracked mulching machines, excavator mulchers and skid steer tractors equipped with mulching attachments as well as other tools to handle the many tasks found on the average landclearing site.

Whether you live in the country or city, keeping areas around your home clear of undergrowth is a necessity. Areas with vines, brush and debris are frequented by snakes, bees, wasps and poisonous spiders that can injure or kill people and their pets. If you live in the country, overgrown areas can be a greater health hazard because it gives wild pigs, foxes and coyotes hiding places. Let Sunset Tree clear your undergrowth, call us today.

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